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Agriculture in Zambia

Chitemene, Fundikila and Hybrid Farming

Chitemene Chitemene has been well described by several authors (e.g. Peters, 1950; Trapnell, 1953; Stromgaard, 1989). It is a form of ‘slash-and-burn’ cultivation, but is unique in that the lopped area is much larger than the cropped area. There is some evidence that the system is indigenous to the Zaire-Zambezi watershed, and that it was brought […]

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Agricultural Gains in Zambia

A recent article in The Economist (June 24th 2004) caught our attention, and for the viewing pleasure of the rest of our visitors, below are some key points: More than 300 Zimbabwean farmers have been welcomed by President Mwanawasa More than 150 farms are now leased from the Zambian government One such farmer has invested […]

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Government Policy on Agriculture

Prior to 1991, agricultural policy was characterized by government controls through parastatals, cooperatives and other government-supported institutions to deliver agricultural services and, to some extent, direct production of commodities. In 1992, the government embarked on agricultural policy reforms as part of the economic structural adjustment program (SAP). The main focus of the policy reforms was […]

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Gardening Galore

This month I would like to cover some of the plants and other organic remedies that can be used for pest and disease control. Basil is insecticidal, fungicidal and a repellent. Take 100 grams of leaves per litre of water, soak overnight, blitz it in a liquidizer, add a teaspoon of soft soap, filter and […]

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