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Natalie du Toit

The Olympics give us reason to hope

If you’re like most people, you didn’t watch enough of the Beijing Olympics, partly because there were just too many events happening at the same time and partly because, having a full-time job, you had to spend a little time every morning coughing into the phone. Considering everything that happened at the Olympics, I probably […]

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Abhinav Bindra

The shot heard around the world

In case you missed the news, in case you were sleeping under a rock or just got released from Guantanamo, India won its first-ever individual gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, causing 1.1 billion people to jump up and down with joy, touching off a minor earthquake in California and a major interruption in tech […]

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Make English Official Language of America

Good spelling saves some yelling

Because I’m Indian, many people assume I’m good at spelling. After all, six of the last 10 winners of the National Spelling Bee are of Indian descent and three of them are now making millions on the PSA (Professional Spelling Association) tour. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible speller. It’s a good thing I can do a […]

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Swap a kidney, but don’t try to buy one

Anyone want to swap a kidney? No, I don’t need one, but Lois Wilson’s husband, Dave, does. The British Columbia woman recently placed an ad on the classified site Craigslist, seeking another couple to swap kidneys with. Basically, if you need a kidney and Lois’s kidney happens to match yours, and if your partner can […]

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Nelson Mandela

Appreciate Mandela while you can

Nelson Mandela will turn 90 soon and, much to my dismay, his birthday has not been declared an international holiday. I have no choice but to declare it a personal holiday and spend it thinking about Mandela and the great example of his life, while sipping beer on the couch. Let the wife take out […]

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