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About Us


The Zambian was founded in January of 1998, with the goal of serving the information needs of the Zambian community. Today, all the work across the portal is the result of the voluntary efforts of various people with a passion for Zambia – a group of people collectively known as The Zambian Development Team.

Over the last decade, the site has been recognized by many local and international resources as a site worthy of being visited. Constantly updated news, weather, time and currency information ensure that you are connected with events as and when they occur in Zambia. The chat, email and forum features of our site allow you to meet and interact with the Zambian community. Furthermore we realize that contributions, feedback and criticism help improve the site and ensure that you can contact the development team with contributions, suggestions or requests at any time. We take great pleasure in designing and developing The Zambian and trust that you enjoy your visit.


The mission of the site is to bring the world to Zambia while glorifying God in all that we do or say.

Vision and Theme

The vision of the site is to ensure that The Zambian is the only bookmark you’ll ever need on Zambia. By creating a website on Zambia we have tried our best to preserve the essence of Zambia. As a result, throughout the site, a consistent theme is used to symbolize the primary colours of the flag and the spirit of the people.

Development and Maintenance

The Zambian is hosted in the United States. In 2009, we moved a majority of the site to a new content management system.

Made in Zambia

Just incase you are wondering, The Zambian is made in Zambia. However, to maintain our focus on building the best community for Zambians, we continue to run as a pure Internet only operation. As a result all advertising, development and support issues are handled through the web. We are the first site in Zambia to push for the ‘Proudly Zambian’ slogan as part of a campaign to bring pride in homegrown products and services. Look for the ‘Proudly Zambian’ logo across our network of sites.

Proudly Zambian
Contact Information

You may contact or send any information to The Zambian by using the contact form available on our site.

Our Future and Your Guarantee

Our commitment to you is based on the pride of being Zambian. Even though all our services are offered free to the public the only reason why we have been in existence is because people come as visitors and leave as friends. We trust that you will embark on this journey with us as friends and continue to enjoy the Spirit of Zambia.

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