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Abeco Tanks comes to the rescue in Zambia

Abeco Tanks have become a source of hope for the Zambian people living there
who have been experiencing a serious lack of water supply due to a lengthy drought
and ageing infrastructure.

Abeco Tanks’ water storage tanks are in place where communities are able to
access clean drinking water in their immediate vicinity.

Farming, fishing, business, and industry are able to continue without any interruption.
The lives of the community can proceed as per normal without any fear of an
interrupted water supply in the future.

And the communities in Zambia have been devasted by weather patterns and
interruption of water supply; in 2018 there was no rainfall during the rainy season
resulting in the start of a drought in 2019. There was again no rain in 2019 and 2020.
In 2021 Zambia then experienced torrential rain and flooding.

Climate change has also affected the country severely. According to records from
1960, there is a warming trend of 0.34C per decade which indicates that the
temperature has increased by 1.7C in 60 years and the average rainfall has
decreased by 2.3% per decade = 13.8% decrease to date.

The timing and nature of the rainfall are also changing with drought for a long period
followed by torrential rainfall and floods which then destroy crops and infrastructure.
When the infrastructure is broken the government also cannot get water to the
people via the normal channels.

Despite the recent rainfall, the reservoir levels in Zambia have remained very low
with lake Kariba experiencing a 6-metre drop in water level over the last 3 years.
Lake Kariba normally supplies about half of Zambia’s total electrical power but is
now restricted to about a quarter of its normal capacity.

The lack of electricity also impacts the supply of water to the community, businesses,
and industry in.

Also, on a daily basis, residents are forced to walk long distances and stand In
queues to get water. All of this has an impact on education, nutrition & health issues.
To combat the devastating effect of no water supply the government, industry, and
business in the area has had to turn to water storage solutions to ensure a
continuous supply of water.

For nearly 40 years Abeco Tanks has been supplying African countries with water
storage solutions. The company was the first to call their tanks “water banks” where
water could be saved up for when there would be an interruption in the water supply.
Abeco Tanks has a reputation for building high-quality steel water tanks that stand
the test of time. Their tanks can last for up to 40 years and they are known for their
excellent after-sales service.

The modular design of their tanks means they are easy to transport. An added bonus
is that they don’t need any complicated heavy machinery to install them either. It is
easy to transport and install these tanks in remote areas.
The water is also fresh and drinkable. To prevent corrosion of the tank and to keep
the water inside the tank hygienic and fresh all of the steel components are
submerged in molten zinc. The steel is coated with a layer of zinc ensuring that it
does not corrode over time and ensuring that the UV rays cannot penetrate the steel
causing algae growth in the water.

The Abeco Tanks come in all shapes and sizes and can be installed on the ground
or elevated. They can hold up to 50 million litres of water at a time.

This reliable innovative company with high standards and high-quality products has
given life back to the Zambian people.

For more information visit or call us on +27 11 616 7999

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