How Can Poaching Be Brought Under Control?

Elephants are being slaughtered in unprecedented numbers and if it continues experts predict they will be extinct in the wild within 20 years. In order to bring poaching under control, it needs to be tackled at the market, in transit, and on the ground. Rory Young, an anti-poaching strategist provides a summary of the problem of tackling the poaching on the ground in this Huffington Post article on How Can Poaching Be Brought Under Control?. Young recently co-authored, A Field Manual For Anti-Poaching Activities, a guide that provides workable solutions to poaching.will focus here on the problem of tackling the poaching on the ground.

What is really missing and is really needed in this struggle is a comprehensive, intelligent, and pragmatic doctrine that addresses all the problems and offers objective and inexpensive solutions, preferably using existing local resources and personnel. Firstly, three problems have to be solved. The first problem is where to look for the poachers. Sending in assault troops or game rangers to figure this out is a waste of time unless they have been trained in pro-active investigation. Expert investigators are needed. The second problem is how to find the poachers once their movements, area of operations and modus operandi are understood. This requires both surveillance and the world’s oldest science: tracking. The third problem is how to arrest them. It is both hard and dangerous for the trackers to do because when following someone, it is always the follower who is at a disadvantage. The poachers can either try to out-pace you, slow you down by counter-tracking (hiding or disguising spoor), or they can ambush you. The job of the trackers therefore is to locate, follow, and thereafter monitor the movements of the poachers and pass this to the coordinator of the operation.

For more information:

1) Read the full Huffington Post article at How Can Poaching Be Brought Under Control? or the Quora question and discussion at How Can Poaching Be Brought Under Control? and help spread the word.

2) Consider supporting these anti-poaching efforts by donating to Chengeta Wildlife – an organization run by passionate volunteers from all over the world who have pooled their skills and resources to combat the catastrophic poaching problem that is sweeping Africa.


Rory Young and Yakov Alekseyev co-authored, A Field Manual For Anti-Poaching Activities.

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