Peter Ravensdale

There’s a petition going on to free a gentleman by the name of Peter Ravensdale. Would you consider reviewing the Free Peter Ravensdale site and helping in whatever capacity you can? It will be the greatest joy for many to see Peter receive the help he needs.

For a number of you, stumbling on this post on the various sites where we have a presence, e.g. Twitter, Facebook etc. may be a surprise. Why sign a petition for someone you may never have heard of? Well, if you still visit The Zambian, one of the reasons this site continues, even though life’s continuous demands limit the time and resources we’ve invested on The Zambian the last few years, is Peter.

Peter’s heart for Zambia and Zambians was and continues to be unquestionable. While in university we would frequently exchange emails about how we wanted to invest our talents in Zambia. Unlike some, Peter’s vision was rooted in deep faith to answer his calling. He did this in early 2003 by quitting a lucrative job and moving his entire family to Zambia. He soon started, and continued to stay involved with various groups (e.g. ZamAid, Net City) dedicated to helping Zambian orphans and also helped jump start various micro enterprises (e.g. Esther’s Shop). Peter wanted Zambia to succeed built on the shoulders of empowered Zambian communities spread across the nation. 

Today, Peter is suffering from bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder (also known as bipolar affective disorder, manic-depressive disorder, or manic depression) is a mental illness typically classified as a mood disorder. It is characterized by episodes of an elevated or agitated mood known as mania, usually alternating with episodes of depression. These episodes can impair the individual’s ability to function in ordinary life.

Please take a moment to read what is going on with Peter at the Free Peter Ravensdale site.

I’ll leave you with an exchange from one of our early emails when Peter decided to move to Zambia:

We’re giving it all up because we feel God wants us in Zambia. For friends and family, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You have no idea how hard this is and how much it hurts. It doesn’t just hurt for us because we also think about how it will affect our ability to give to our kids. Right now, we are hurting… but we are going anyway and we will do whatever good we can. It’s a leap of faith. Every tapestry has two faces. On one side is the picture that we are all familiar with. It consists of the coloured threads that create the picture. But, what no one sees is the back of the tapestry – the threads that hold it all together. If people really want to know the truth, they are going to have to look around the back. I guess that anyone who sees this other side has two choices – they can maintain the “status quo” or they can begin to walk a road that leads to truth and change. But it’s a very HARD road. Well… I’m going for the hard road. One of the things keeping me going is that 1,400 people are dying every day in Zambia from PREVENTABLE causes – in a country full of the most incredible natural resources and wealth. That’s an equation that makes no sense at all until you realise that it is deliberately orchestrated for personal gain.

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