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A Cappella Slaves

In light of the article we posted about being Zambian, it breaks our heart to watch and read the recent articles about the modern day slavery of members of the Zambian A Cappella Boys Choir. This is the riches to rags story. From dreaming of singing for the Zambian A Cappella Boys Choir to realizing that you were  going to be asked to dig a pool. Heroes like Given Kachepa who are now speaking out, Sandy Shepherd for sounding the alarm and organizations like the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. How can we “Smile, forgive and forget and be a little more Zambian” in light of this?

[quote]Well, you know, it was kind of deceiving because it seems like on the outside like we had all the freedom, and we could do anything that we wanted to, but again, we were being threatened that if we tried to run away, then they’re going to – and we get captured, then we would be sent back home to Zambia in disgrace. And then so that was some of the things that we didn’t want to have to do. And a lot of times we were shy to tell people about our situation because we’d been threatened, again with deportation, of going back to Zambia without anything. So they made it very, very challenging for us to speak out and tell people about our stories.[/quote]

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