2013 – David Livingstone’s Bicentenary

David Livingstone Bicentenary 1813 - 2013From Wild Side Zambia,

To commemorate the bi-centenary a feast of cultural and sporting events as well as an international arts exhibition is being planned in Livingstone between March (Livingstone’s birth month) and October 2013. These include theatre, street theatre, traditional dancing, bands and concerts, soccer, seven-a-side rugby, David Livingstone Classic golf, cycling, 3-country trail marathon, motorcrosse, 4WD rally, a kite festival, multi-day events on the Zambezi, fishing and cricket.

Next year it will be 200 years since the birth of Dr David Livingstone in Blantyre in Scotland – on 19 March 1813. He went on to become famous for his expeditions in Africa as a medical missionary and to be the first European to set eyes on the magnificent Victoria Falls in the mid 1850’s which he named after Queen Victoria. The town of Livingstone, in turn, was named after him.

One can imagine how his jaw must have dropped at the awesome spectacle before him – just as many visitors still do today. He described it at the time as “Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight”.

For further information visit Livingstone 2013, and as a special discovery we were alerted to, check out an amazing 360° aerial panorama of the Victoria Falls.

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