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Zambian Tech Hubs

Lara Heintz writes about technical hubs in Africa and a digitial map created by Zambia’s Bongohive.

[quote]These days you can crowd-map about anything from Hurricane Irene to what you eat for breakfast as long as you either have a phone or a basic internet hook-up. One of the largest and most used platforms for crowd-sourced mapping is Ushahidi (Swahili for ‘witness’), an open-sourced platform has been used for tracking and mobilizing movement around more serious topics. Ushahidi was used in developing Syria Tracker, a crowd-sourcing of reported deaths in the conflict in Syria. Now the Ushahidi platform is putting technology hubs in Africa on the map. Literally. The map, simply named Tech Hubs in Africa, was launched by Bongohive, a self described non-profit technology and innovation hub located in Lusaka, Zambia for one purpose: To have likeminded organizations across Africa—notorious for low levels of tech infrastructure—begin plotting the locations of tech hubs available around the continent right now.[/quote]

BongoHive, based in Lusaka, Zambia, was set up in May 2011 by Lukonga Lindunda. BongoHive provides a place for the local tech community to meet, swap experience, and attend training, networking and hackathon events. Follow BongoHive on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the awesome work the team is doing.

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