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Kasambwe Mpulamasaka

Kasambwe MpulamasakaBorn and raised in Zambia south- central Africa, Kasambwe Mpulamasaka now resides in Texas. His intriguing experiences as an immigrant have allowed him to literally, find the humor on a daily basis in virtually every experience. Starting in Colorado at open mics, Kasambwe worked his way up to colleges and comedy clubs performing with national headliners such as David Allan Grier, Josh Blue, Michael Blackson and many others. In 2010 his first television appearance was in Los Angeles for the Africa Channel. Kasambwe was also given an award by the Mayor of the city of Dallas, Dwaine Caraway, after getting voted second best comedian during a contest that was held at The Galleria Dallas. When Kasambwe takes the stage you quickly find yourself intrigued and heartily laughing at his unique experiences. Visit African Comedian for more information.


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  1. muntu nized muntu nized February 8, 2012

    I’ve seen him perform at improv,his very funny.He can make any type of crowd laugh

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