You Lazy (Intellectual) Zambian Scum!

The original article titled “You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!” may as well have been titled “You Lazy (Intellectual) Zambian Scum!”

That’s what we call your country. You guys are as stagnant as the water in the lake. We come in with our large boats and fish your minerals and your wildlife and leave morsels—crumbs. That’s your staple food, crumbs. That corn-meal you eat, that’s crumbs, the small Tilapia fish you call Kapenta is crumbs. We the Bwanas (whites) take the cat fish. I am the Bwana and you are the Muntu. I get what I want and you get what you deserve, crumbs. That’s what lazy people get—Zambians, Africans, the entire Third World.

My first reaction. Anger. My second. Pride.

Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, pens a thoughtful and powerful response titled, “A Zambian’s response to “You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!

Though we sometimes get sidetracked by intellectual banter, fail to connect theory to life’s realities and get frustrated by our history and point fingers, we know it is our responsibility to build Zambia.


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