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IntellectualQuestionsAndAnswersOnZambia – Jan 22,2012

Courtesy of Zambia Diaspora Connect email forum, subscribers have spent the last 2 weeks trying to “explain the explanation” behind Zambia’s woes in politics and economics, others seem to have found the cause, it is called “Laziness” some disagree. This prompted the following excerpts…. Patson asks “Are Zambian professionals choosing easier, biased, uncompetitive options when they execute duties and decisions on behalf of the country?” Ntheye attributes shortcoming to matters related to “Post-Independence readiness to exploit our resources, Economic ideology and Political freedoms”. Dr. Mbewe questions “To what do you attribute our underdevelopment, if not “laziness” on our part?” In almost a direct response to Dr. Mbewe; Mwata Chisha raises this point “The measure of our success/greatness should not be in comparison with what others have done, rather, it should be in comparison with how well we have performed given our circumstances.” Feel free to position yourself and sell your arguments in the debate that appears to have no middle ground. This is part II from last week on the same subject. Musaba Chailunga moderates

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