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PF Government Gets it Right on Investor Confidence; MMD/UPND Gets it Wrong

Zambia is at a defining moment in its history. Thanks to PF Government policies, the country is heading towards a right direction. President Sata and his Cabinet has brought positive leadership that acknowledges that old MMD ways of doing things will not work if we have to make Zambia a better place. PF Government spending targets, development plans, monitory policy and zero tolerance for corruption is a big incentive to attract quality foreign investors and empower Zambian businesses to create high paying jobs.

Unfortunately, PF initiatives to make Government effective are being hindered by the rhetoric from MMD and UPND leadership. So, we have same people who mismanaged the country in the former MMD government talking about loss of investor confidence. All these talk because PF Government is asking questions of transparency and accountability about investment deals which happened under MMD leadership.

While MMD and UPND are quick to critique the PF Government on investor confident; both parties are not offering solutions to boost investor confidence in Zambia. Both parties have members in parliament; if they are really serious on the issue, why not direct their MPs to sponsor bills to boast investor confidence. Being in opposition mean that you must offer alternative plans to national problems. So MMD and UPND must tell Zambians the solution to boost investor confidence and how it differs from the PF Government.

One fact known to Zambians is that MMD is so determined to come back into government to implement the same failed policies of the last 20 years. This is a perpetual campaign mentality from MMD and UPND. The reality is that campaign season is over in Zambia; it’s time to do people’s business.

Rather than spreading misinformation, MMD must ask itself why it drove Zambia’s economy and development into a ditch. MMD rhetoric on investor confidence will not redefine its failed legacy. This is a party, which failed to bring accountability to public funds. As for UPND, they must focus on reviewing their bad performance in the 2010 elections.

Had the MMD left a good record in government; PF Government would have had a smooth transition, allowing them to implement PF policies head-on. But that not the case. PF Government is now spending its first time in government sorting out the problems that happened under MMD leadership. MMD should actually thank PF government for solving problems that happened under its leadership.

For 20 years, MMD had a chance to boost investor confidence, but they failed. MMD had a bad investment policy which was based on personal connections first; which is helpful in personal business, but not helpful when it comes to national development investment. PF is taking a smart direction by stating that all investors will be treated equally. PF Government is boosting investor confidence fighting corruption.

This is why this time in Zambia is a defining moment. PF Government is moving the Zambia forward with smart, innovative policies. PF is making investments benefit both Zambians and investors. Zambians are not going back to old MMD ways of running a government.

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