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Zambian Food

The staple food in Zambia is Nshima. Maize or corn is ground and then boiled to make a thick mash. (See our guide to How to Cook Nshima for more information on preparing nshima at home.)

Other carbohydrate meals include rice, potatoes, cassava (tapioca) and yam. Side dishes include vegetables, fish (Kapenta, Bream, Nile Perch, Tiger fish) and other meat products such as lamb or goat-meat, chicken and beef. Other dishes commonly prepared include sorghum, beans, millet, okra and pumpkins.

Zambia is blessed with an abundant supply of fruits. Often, you will find people enjoying papaya or paw-paw, mango, lemon, bananas, groundnuts and sugarcane.

Locally brewed Chibuku (Shake-Shake) is fairly popular amongst the people, although commercially brewed beers such as Rhino, Mosi, Castle lager are more dominant.

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