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Sino-Zambian Relations

Al Jazeera recently published an article titled King Cobra and the Dragon. The article is a result of People and Power sending Sino-French academic Solange Chatelard and filmmaker Scott Corben to Zambia during the presidential elections in September 2011 to investigate whether Africa has entered a new era of colonialism with Chinese firms maltreating workers and devouring the continent’s natural resources. They certainly did a good job as the article and video review China’s increasing engagement with Africa, with a special focus on Zambia.

[quote]However, Sata also listed plenty of negatives: “The Chinese bring labourers to push wheelbarrows which is wrong. They do not follow the minimum wage when they are paying their people. The Chinese have no conditions of service. They don’t provide protective clothing. The list is endless.”[/quote]


  1. Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Zambia

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