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President Sata’s 90 days is a Success

President Sata faced lots of challenges when he took office. But his leadership and government have succeeded in delivering their campaign promises. When he took office, MMD government left record high unemployment; the economy was in its worse state and public trust in government institutions was at lowest mark.

In just 90 days, President Sata has turned things around for good. Under his leadership, PF government has stabilized the economy that will create sustained growth and create more opportunities for all working Zambians.

In just 90 days, PF government brought accountability to how the State Houses use its public money.  The former President RB is reported to have spent K39.7 billion on foreign trips since 2010. This is transparency which  PF promised to the people. Now Zambians know the cost of RB’s trips.

In just 90 days, President Sata has appointed Zambians to serve in public office without any bias and based on ability to serve public office. He has nominated ministers from all political parties.  We never saw this happen in MMD who appointed people based on family tree connections.

In just 90 days, President Sata has disrupted and will stop all financial carters, which MMD government operated. Zambians are now aware of the many accounts and fake contracts under the MMD government. Even as we speak, more MMD officials are being investigated for public financial irregularities.

In just 90 days, Zambians are more aware that MMD is still desperate to get back in government. MMD wants to come back to implement the same policies which drove Zambia’s economy and public services into a ditch. MMD MPs are ganging up with UPND to oppose any appointment of the President. But numbers are just against them; they have failed to block appointments.  Same MMD people like Kunda and William Banda want come back  in government to try the same MMD failed policies.

So the real question is, why has President Sata been so successful in just 90 days?  You will agree with me, that this President understands the direction where he wants to take Zambia: a better Zambia for all.  His accomplishment in 90 days has laid good foundation to make Zambia a trade-friendly and non-corrupt nation.

PF government is creating opportunities for all Zambians.  The biggest gain in 90 days  for PF government is the trust from the people of Zambia. Now , we have  a PF government that is committed to do the right thing.

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