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EuroZoneWoes – Dec 18,2011

What next for Europe and what next for England? First, the EU decides to draft a treaty with stricter financial regulations and where Germany and France are the two main dogs. Meanwhile, England decides not to embrace a singular monetary system and continental Europe refuses to offer British Premier David Cameron the guarantees he was looking for, now England is left outside looking in. Was this a prudent decision by the British or are they further becoming irrelevant in international Politics. As for Germany, is the country trying to achieve what they failed to do by war through economic strength. Is Chancellor Angela Merkel on the verge of doing what Hitler failed to do, creating a one Europe under Germany? What are the lessons here for the African advocates of United States of Africa and a single African currency? Is it possible to achieve this considering Africa’s weak economies and disparities in currencies? Share with us, what can you do if you were an African leader for a month.

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