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Following a spate of high profile divorce petitions and old men behaving badly with girls younger than their own daughters covered in the Zambian press, is it fair to conclude that Zambian men are essentially adulterers when most Zambian men are faithful? The stigmisation and transmogrification of the character of our men as philanderers has degenerated to unfounded ridiculous proportions. That said, Zambian men do not help themselves by maintaining a “girlfriend” who behaves like a second wife and a constant companion on weekend relaxation shenanigans. What causes these men to break their sacred vows and indulge in these activities? Are women innocent, contribute or compromise with their mens behaviour? Maybe it is just men are not discreet and get caught easily whereas women do it with style. Very difficult to find any evidence because they are very careful. Remember some of the high profile divorce petitions is about men divorcing adulterous women. Please tune in to the BKM (Bernard Kapalu Mweseka) Show this Saturday the 17th December 2011 at 10AM – 12PM New York time, 3PM – 5PM GMT and 17 00 hours – 19 00 hours Zambian Time, click on the link You can also listen to the podcast whenever you are free. This will be an open forum, please feel free to ring in, email or Skype the show openly or anonymously. Whatever your views, just remember it takes TWO to tango or tangle.

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