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Frame works for strategic thinking

From African Manufacturing and Operations Strategies and Solutions, a blog by Robert Luzane, comes a new post titled Frame works for strategic thinking.

I have been studying strategy for more than five years.I am still studying it to this very day.The one thing that i have conluded is that it is a complex field.Many authors immediately re-aasure the reader or student that complex does not neccesarily mean impossible or not attainable.It simply means that strategy is not that straight forward.I am sure that any student of strategy or strategic planning realises that the discipline of strategic thinking occurs in models or structures of thought that guide the asessment of the data or information that forms in puts into strategic thought and then also organises the result. Simplification tends to be the generic approach.


The long and short in the midst of all the complex strategies is that if the frame work does not exist,don’t panic,create one.

We’re looking forward to syndicating Robert’s posts on our site soon.

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  1. Rachell Muggley March 10, 2012 at 11:44 pm #

    The initial responsibility of the leader is to define reality. The past is to thank you. Among, the best is a servant.
    Whenever you discover youself to be on the side of many, it’s stop and reflect.

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