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Give President Sata a Chance

The Zambian people spoke clearly by choosing President Sata. The people of Zambia chose President Sata to clean up the failed policies of MMD. Just as the President Sata starts to move the country into the right direction, we have all these MMD-sponsored officials saying the President should not talk about kwacha printing scandal or discuss traditional chiefs in North-West province.

Others are even gone to the extent of questioning his appointment process.These are the same MMD people who said investors will leave the country if PF won. Did you see any investor leave the country after PF won?

Because of MMD mismanagement of the country, President Sata is spending his months in State House to solve the problems which MMD created since 1991. PF would be better off today had MMD left the country on a right path. MMD failed Zambia; and PF goverment is trying to fix that problem.

Rather than being obstacles to development, those criticizing the new government should just take a break. The MMD must reform itself and let the new Government carry out it’s mandate. The best opposition for MMD must be to learn to work with this President to solve problems which MMD failed to resolve.

President Sata is working to solve the same problems which MMD created in the first place. MMD drove this county’s development into a ditch. PF government is working to make Zambia better, strong and competitive.

For almost twenty years, MMD had a chance to change course but failed to deliver.I hope the Zambians give this President a chance to fix the problems that have been delivered by MMD’s failed policies. Elections have consequences: MMD lost, PF won and UPND try again.

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