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ZambiasTurnOfEvents – Dec 10,2011

Zambias turn of events 60 days and counting, with topics including the past, present and future prospects of our nation. Zambia can definitely get better but are we on the right path? Some think for the most part Zambia has been on the right track for the last 20 years. The PF government may have changed gears but appear to be travelling on the same rails set by their predecessors. Windfall tax is all but dead. Both Vision 2030 and the development plans appear to be maintained thanks to a maturing civil service. Is it official that Zambia has now moved to the center right? Come offer your opinions on Zambia’s political and economic future, is the MMD dead and buried. It is too early to rank H.E Michael Sata but how do you rank the last four Presidents of Zambia. If you like a good intellectual exchange and a place where ideologies collide not personalities this is your show. If it is Saturday it is Diaspora Voice. Join Musaba Chailunga as moderator sitting in for James Mwape and Co.

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