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The Jolly Old Man Who Helps Me Get Through Christmas

From Nshima, a blog by , comes a new post titled The Jolly Old Man Who Helps Me Get Through Christmas.

[quote]If my kids seem particularly well-behaved at this time of the year, it’s because they think that a man with a white beard and red suit is keeping track of their behavior, all the way from the North Pole. Telling them that ‘Santa is watching’ is a great way to get them to be nice to each other, far more effective than saying ‘God is watching’. God may be all-powerful and all-knowing, but he doesn’t bring them toys on Christmas morning, not even a Jesus action figure. All three of my kids, Lekha, 9, Divya, 7, and Rahul, 5, still believe in Santa, still believe that the gifts they find under the tree on Christmas morning were placed there by the jolly old man. He travels to millions of homes around the world on a reindeer-drawn sleigh and — here’s the real miracle — manages to not get shot down by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.[/quote]

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