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ZAMTEL introduces Free Fax to Email

ZAMTEL has just introduced a new service called Fax2Email. Essentially, this is a digital online faxing solution that allows you to register for a free fax number and receive any faxes sent to that number by e-mail.

Some benefits of the service:

  • Get a ‘virtualÂ’ fax number
  • Receive Faxes directly to your email box
  • Receiving faxes is free
  • Sending faxes to your fax number only costs the sender K2,000
  • Your confidential documents are securely stored
  • Messages are archived for up to 30 days

One Comment

  1. Mudenda Hamanjanji Mudenda Hamanjanji November 17, 2012

    This is the innovation that is needed in this era were virtualisation and cloud computing is taking the toll. I’m happy with you Zamtel. I cant wait to utilise this technology. Remember it is Innovation can drive technology and the combination of the two leads to competitive advantage. Please consider archiving the messages for longer than 30 days.

    Mudenda Hamanjanji

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