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As many changes takes place, the more the things remain the same.” As the reality of the new PF government takes hold, people are now wondering wether the phenomena “Donchi Kubeba” has turned into “Donchi Kudabwa” or we just turn into “Donchi Kulanda”.. The messianic expectations of the elections are being eroded with mind boggling appointments and policies which were envisaged by the masses as things of the past. The proclamations such as “allergic to corruption” being betrayed by certain nominations. Is the jury to early to judge or the masquerade has been rumbled? Please join Bernard Kapalu Mweseka on BKM Show as he discusses with the author of the magnum opus STRUGGLES OF MY PEOPLE, Mr Charles Mwewa of Toronto, Canada. Also joining us are the world renown author, social scientist, lecturer and novelist Prof Mwizenge Tembo of Bridgewater College, Virginia, USA and world renowned social, educational and economic technocrat, Musaba Chailunga of Toronto, Canada. We will also discuss Zambias cultural “colonisation” and cultural Independence..

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