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Captains of industry—Cuthbert Malindi climbs business ladder – Nov 05,2011

Cuthbert Malindi is a Mechanical Engineer, Chartered accountant and a private equity professional and Fund Manager turned entrepreneur. From being a Senior Executive in a number of companies, he has gone on to set up and invest in his own businesses. Cuthbert does not count this success to luck but a carefully thought out and executed plan whose foundation was laid at a very young age. He states that he did not establish his businesses overnight and he credits his family for the support, encouragement and sacrifice made to allow him chase his dream. He attributes his relative success to years of hard work and discipline…reads, but in part, an article written by Darlington Mwendabai published in the Zambian Daily Mail of 25th October 2011. Kambidima speaks to Cuthbert Malindi to find out how he left the comfort of a corporate life with a secure salary to investing and running his own businesses: Kleiner Apex Ltd (a transport, distribution and warehousing company), Kleiner Apex Communications, Eiah Capital Ltd (a consulting firm), and Post.Net. Cuthbert holds an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering that he obtained from Leeds University (United Kingdom). He is a Chartered Accountant (United Kingdom) and an ASIP (the UK equivalent of Chartered Financial Analyst) He shares with us his numerous achievements in and out of the classroom.

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