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Back to the future

From The Days of a Lifer, a blog by , comes a new post titled Back to the future.

[quote]This last week has been eventful, to say the least. With the Patriotic Front winning the elections and Michael Sata taking over as President, the whole country has taken a deep breath and is waiting to see what is in store for Zambia in the next chapter of it’s young life. There has been worldwide praise for the manner in which President Rupia Banda has handed over power, and quite rightly so, but for those on the ground, the situation could easily have been very different.[/quote].


[quote]So I suppose the reason I am writing this blog is to tell a part of my story, and how my life has been affected by past events in Zambia. It is far too difficult to find literature on Zambian history that isn’t  told from the perspective of our colonial fathers, or the ruling party of the day. I will not try and put it in any kind of chronological order but will just tell the stories as they come to me, just as it was when I would sit for hours on end chatting about all manner of things with my father. Often I would ask about the ‘Coup’ and his time in prison.[/quote]

This is going to be worth subscribing to.

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