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Zambia’s Greener Pastures – Sep 04,2011

SHE stepped into Zambia in 1988 from England without being too sure of what she wanted in life. But it was not until Jo Pope discovered her entrepreneurship acumen that she realised the country is endowed with many business opportunities. That was when she decided to invest in tourism and the aviation industry. Jo is currently running Robin Pope Safaris (RPS) in Luangwa with her husband Robin Pope, she is a director and shareholder in Proflight Zambia. She is also involved in community work where she has initiated many projects such as Kawaza School Fund and Project Luangwa to help the vulnerable in society. She recalls that 23 years ago, she came as Jo Holmes from the United Kingdom to look for greener pastures. However upon arrival at RPS in South Luangwa National Park, she fell in love with the country and the owner of Safari Parks then. Although she failed to thrive in the film and catering industry in England, she is now thriving in Zambia’s tourism and aviation industries despite the various challenges.

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