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Zambia in 2011 – A Stock Take – Sep 03,2011

Zambia goes to the polls on 20 September 2011. Where does Zambia stand in 2011? What are the key political and economical challenges facing Zambia? How the current government performed in addressing these? What should be the focus of the new administration that assumes power on 21 September 2011? We shall examine the current challenges facing Zambia by examining three areas : economic, political and social performance of Zambia in 2011. Under the economic development we shall review Zambias macro performance and the key supporting economic sectors such as mining, agriculture, tourism and transport. Under political development, we shall examine the current governance framework and the extent to which it is fit for purpose to deliver not only growth but genuine freedom – a review of where Zambia stands constitutionally, civil society and the balance of power between the people and those who govern them. Under social development, we shall review key social sectors like health, justice and community development. How are these sectors performing and what policies are needed to move them forward?

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