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Diaspora Parliamentary Candidates – Sep 03,2011

The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has formally adopted Zambians living in South Africa, namely Chanda Sunday, Mulenga Emmanuel, and Mulusa Lucky to contest for parliamentary seats in Mpika, Ndola, and Solwezi, respectively. Evance Chanda, a Zambian living in South Africa, observes that “the Zambians living in the Diaspora seems to be making a positive impact shaping the future of Zambian politics”. Although not directly, he praises the ruling party for giving credit to the Zambians in Diaspora and hopes other political parties would emulate this positive development. Further, Mr. Chanda hopes the participation of Zambians in the Diaspora will bring sustained social, economical, and political change for the benefit of Zambia’s future development. Above all, he urges “all Zambians in Diaspora to work together so that we fight for our constitutional right to vote … in 2016”. Kambidima speaks to Lucky Mulusa to find out the plans he has for Solwezi Central, Zambian development in general and Zambians in the Diaspora. Mr. Mulusa is appearing on this show for the second time this year. In the March show (, he shared with us his input to improve the Zambian Sixth National Development Plan. Specifically, he demonstrated how a credit guarantee scheme can help to alleviate household poverty.

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