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The Zambian Culture “Itambi” and Generation X – Aug 27,2011

The advent of globalization has brought lots of questions among the growing number of Generation X. In Zambia, many families have questioned the role of holding on to most tradition and cultural norms, which they consider outdated. The questions that Generation X are asking are worth listening to and answering. Should members of Generation X be forced to adhere to Itambi, speak their mother language, eat nshima as part of their culture, respect elders, undergo tradition counseling when getting married and all that pertains to tradition? Join me on Cultutral Warrior Talk Show as we explore this very interesting topic with our guest Maurice Makalu from Zambia. Maurice Makalu is a Spiritual Teacher and author of two books: Resident Power – Power to Change, and The Goddess Who Lost her Weight – Inspiration For Enlightenment With Abundance, A Spiritual Guide To weight Loss. His third book, The God Man – An Ideological ‘Clean Up’ Of Religion, is at final editing stage. Maurice was born in Zambia and received his spiritual formation at St Charles Lwanga Bahati Minor Seminary. He graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy from the Copperbelt University and worked as a banker, finance manager and set up a private business consultancy practice.

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