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Commodities Trading – Aug 21,2011

Commodity Trading of minerals, food, chemicals and many other commodities in Zambia. Should Zambia open up a Commodity Exchange market for its commodities? A lot of average people have become filthy rich through commodity trading. Trading commodity is known as one of few investment opportunities where individuals with limited capital can make astonishing returns of investment in a very short period of time. Most Zambia talk about Copper prices at the London Metal Exchange but not about the price of Cotton, Tobacco, Sugar, Orange Juice, Pork Belly, Wheat, Maize, Rice, etc. On this show we discuss trading Zambian commodities. We also look at Futures and Options trading.

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  1. Dr Francis Mulenga Muma Dr Francis Mulenga Muma September 6, 2012

    In Zambia futures market is dysfunctional.

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