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Corruption in Zambia – is it corruption or it is the culture – Aug 20,2011

As the election process in Zambia gets into full swing, one wonders what are the key issues that politicians will be using to attract voters. But alas, it looks like it is not the “issues”!! It is rather what and how politicans pay to get the party nomination and eventually win the votes! It is that politician who has the money to distribute to the so-called cadres who accompany him/her during the regsitration event and makes the most fabulous material promises, who will win at the end of the day! Let you not have in mind, the development projects, rather people are expecting material gains! And the voters want the material gain now! So during the campaign you will see chitenge, shakeshake, brown envelopes, etc., exchanging hands. Is this corruption ior its part of our culture that when somebody does you a favour you thank them? lets discuss and exchange views. What is the electoral process in Zambia, all about? Do the voters in Zambia know what to expect and demand from the politicians? Maybe with the ongoing electoral process, there must be a simultaneous voter education system?

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