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Leadership and Development – Aug 13,2011

“Silent No More”: A Worthy Cause Zambia Rainbow Coalition (ZRC) is a national, non-partisan, and non-profit organization created to educate, motivate,organize,mobilise and empower the more than six million Zambians aged 18 to 35 that are eligible to vote in 2011—also known as the “forgotten ones.”. ZRChas one mission: to make voting relevant to the young people and minorities who could rule, if only they knew the power they possessed. Mobilising the hip-hop generation with the campaign’s urgent Silent No More! Message, ZRC has created a “coalition of the willing” that includes partnerships with media. The President of the Coalition, Mr. Cleopas Phiri joins us to talk about the ZRC and what it stands for and the importance of the youth vote this year during the elections on 20 September 2011.

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