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Rodger Sakuhuka – Jul 30,2011

By Popular demand from our listners, our culture warrior series continues this Saturday with Zambias cultural expert host Harrison Musonda talking to Ambassador Rodger Sakuhuka, one of the Elders from the Luvale Tribe of Senior Chief Ndungu. Mr. Sakuhuka served in the Kaunda government in various ministries before joining the MMD where he last served as Zambias High Commissioner to Zimbabwe. Mr Sakuhuka will help the listeners understand who the Luvale people are, where they came from, their conquest, their influence in the Yambeji Valley and their participation in the political and social well being of Zambia. He will also explain what Likumbi Lya Mize is, how it started, what is involved in preparing for this occassion and what it means to the Luvale people. Likumbi Lya Mize ceremony is held on the last weekend of August every year in Zambezi, Northwestern Province of Zambia.

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