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Dr. Francis Chigunta – Jul 23,2011

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda has a seven-point plan that will be used to drive Zambians out of poverty between 2011 and 2016 to meet the UN millennium development goals that seek to reduce the number of people living in abject poverty.This 5 yr plan in his last term of office as President would focus on implementing the MMD manifesto.The points include: intensified fight against corruption, provision of more food, improved education, better health services, more job opportunities, quality roads and equal opportunities for loans and land. The fight against corruption top of his agenda to give value to the economy and protect citizens welfare. His vision is for a legacy of schools, roads, hospitals and other facilities in every district by the time he leaves office in 2016. The President has directed his Special Advisor for Politics, Dr Francis Chigunta to make available the vision to the people and Bernard Mweseka discusses this vision with him

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