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Richard Mbewe PhD – Jul 16,2011

Come one, Come all !!! Zambia is on the move as regards to business. The opportunities are abundant but government does not have the funds to finance all the available investment opportunities. This is where private capital comes in. Unfortunately, this capital is mostly foreign – Chinese and some Western Investors. South Africans, Kenyans and Nigerians are on the move in acquiring our countrys most teasured resources and most profitable business opportiunities. Soon, we shall have a siutuation where the buildings in our country belong to foreigners while only the roads belong to Zambians. Come and make a change!! It is not all of us who can or must be politicians. We can be businessmen providing jobs and other development opporttunities for our people. This Saturday and Sunday, I will discuss with you what I saw and what came to my mind. You are welcome with all your queries, even the most candid and undiplomatic!

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