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The Zambian Association in Cape Town (ZACT) – Jun 04,2011

More and more Zambians are finding themselves in Cape Town for different reasons. In 2004, a group of them formed the Zambian Association in Cape Town (ZACT). Their objective, among others was to create an association which would serve as a forum for Zambians and their friends to mingle for purposes of making their stay in Cape Town, easier, enjoyable, and successful as well as support each other in times of need. Kambidima speaks to Ntheye Lungu and Charity Hamainza to find out if ZACT has achieved its main objective of creating a vibrant, happy, and successful community that will contribute economically to the host country South Africa and help develop the motherland Zambia. Ntheye (ZACT President) has been actively involved in the “diaspora” Zambian community for the past 11 years. In 2001, he helped launch the Zambia Society (ZAMSOC)—a society that serves Zambians students at the University of Cape Town—and become the first President. During his stint in the United Kingdom, Ntheye continued to enhance and contribute towards the community of Zambians living abroad. He is currently a member of the Zambia Diaspora Connect group and a regular contributor on forums and blogs that discuss Zambian affairs ( Ntheye has a background Financial Services. Charity (ZACT Vice President) has been living in the “diaspora” for the last 14 years, mostly in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Her passion for creating “a home away from home” has seen her actively contribute to building a community of Zambians living abroad. In 2004, she was part of Zambians in Durban, South Africa, that started the Association of Zambians in Kwazulu Natal. She was also actively involved in the Zambia Milton Keynes Association while living in the United Kingdom. Charity has a background in Finance and Accounting.

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