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Mundia Pumulo – May 14,2011

Most people around the world are familiar with the name Enock Mundia, a Zambian textile tycoon based in Shanghai, China. Little is known about his young brother Mundia Pumulo, who moved to Shanghai, China in 1999. He got his bachelor and masters degree in Chemical Engineering from DongHua University. He recently told me, “I have learned a lot here, the way Chinese do the job for themselves and for the country . I would like to do that to our people and our Country. “ He is a highly motivated and result oriented professional with exceptional management skills with 8 years sales experience and education training. He has a very consistent record of being target oriented . “I also have an inborn flair to learn things at a fast pace. I am a great analyst who always come up with right answers, without asking others then share with others .” Mundia runs an electronic company called Mulena, Inc a subsidiary of Mulena Investment Company Limited registered in Hong Kong. “Mulena, Inc is a professional supplier of Electronics and the peripheral accessories. Through tremendous effort and extensive experience, our company expanded into the international distribution market in 2009 and has established a great reputation in the market of mobile phones, computers ,cameras , usb , memory cards, home theater, video games, TVs and accessories.” He talks to us about his business as well as how to start and run a successful business enterprise. His business website is: Tel: +86-13524548687; Email:

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