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Knowing how to know – May 07,2011

According to L. Ron Hubbard, “As man is as able as he can learn and know, it is urgent that a workable technology [for him to learn and know] is available to him” Kambidima talks about study and training materials that can aid one to study. What is studying? What is the purpose of studying? What are the barriers to effective studying? How can one overcome these barriers and study about anything? To answer these questions, I borrow heavily from materials published by Effective Education for Applied Scholastics availed to me by Desiree Channing (UpSkill for Africa). I also point to technologies that can help someone doing a literature review or writing up a report. I emphasise that these are tools, just like the word speller, and therefore they should not replace what one wishes to communicate. For those who would like me to provide useful websites for these materials, email me on (please copy in James Mwape using the email address

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