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The Wit & Wisdom of Dr Evans Phiri-Final Show Season one – Apr 09,2011

Dr Evans Phiri invites you this Saturday April 9th at 10:00 am for a final blog talk show of Season one.The popular show presented with real applicable answers to lifes challenging questions in a believers life is going to be the best ever!.Dr Evans will answer and give insights on many issues such as: Homosexuality,Marriage,Death,purpose and singleness.If you are familiar with Dr Evans,you know that this is no topic is too “sensitive” kind of preacher.His ability to take his listeners were they live is nothing but excellent.Call us at 10:00 am during the show with questions or even just to say thank you,if your life has been impacted in some kind of way by his can Skype,chat and best, you call during the show on: 1-718-766-4857 (NY time) and( 17hrs Zambian time.) Your participation is highly anticipated.Help us close out in grand style. Call your friends and ask them to tune in,this could be their only chance to ask Real questions and get Real answers. Call-1-718-766-4857

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