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Leadership and Development – Mar 26,2011

Zambia today is confronted by immense challenges. Over 60% of our people are still living below the poverty line, which means they lack basic human needs even with the recent economic growth. This is a shame and an aberration on the leadership of this country of great wealth potential. Why are we in this position of despondency after a bright start in 1964? Economic growth of any specific measure is not a sufficient definition of economic development. It requires much more than just growth in GDP. People must see an improvement in their daily lives. You cannot claim Zambia is doing well economically when people still have no proper healthcare, housing, water or sanitation. There are significant differences between economic growth and economic development. The term “economic growth” refers to the increase (or growth) of a specific measure such as real national income, gross domestic product, or per capita income. Why this widespread poverty and underdevelopment? I believe our country has suffered from a NEGATIVE AND CORRUPT LEADERSHIP that does not care or tell the people of Zambia the truth. These characteristics of this negative leadership are driven mainly by selfish ambition and mediocrity in their outlook and actions. The leaders’ priority is of taking care of themselves and their own needs rather than expressing care to and taking care of their people. Hence today you see the same people suddenly waking up from slumber when there is an election. This selfish ambition manifests in both the ruling and opposition parties supported by a media that has lost its true purpose.

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