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So the Pact is dead. – Mar 19,2011

So the Pact is dead. This is NOT time to play the blame game but to look into the immediate future. The opposition is in disarray and its chances of removing the current govt from seat are next to zero. Therefore, it is imperative that citizen action aimed at making the new government to be accountable and implements policies that will improve the living standards of people at the grassroots level. The discussion will be centered at looking at potential policy mix, what should be the priorities and how they can be implemented. What are the economic consequences on Zambia of the current global situation that characterises skyrocketing oil prices in light of the North African revolutions, while copper prices in spite of being high, have a little impact on Zambias financial position. What should we demand from the govt after the elections? How can we make it accountable? What are the election issues? These are the issues at hand today.

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