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Archive | March, 2011

Leadership and Development – Mar 26,2011

Zambia today is confronted by immense challenges. Over 60% of our people are still living below the poverty line, which means they lack basic human needs even with the recent economic growth. This is a shame and an aberration on the leadership of this country of great wealth potential. Why are we in this position […]

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What happens after marriage? – Mar 19,2011

Gary Chapman, the author of the 5 Languages of Love states that “Couples who understand each others love language hold a priceless advantage in the quest for love that lasts a lifetime.” He believes that there are five distinct languages we all use to express love: – Words of Affirmation – Quality Time – Gifts […]

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So the Pact is dead. – Mar 19,2011

So the Pact is dead. This is NOT time to play the blame game but to look into the immediate future. The opposition is in disarray and its chances of removing the current govt from seat are next to zero. Therefore, it is imperative that citizen action aimed at making the new government to be […]

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