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Richard Mbewe PhD – Feb 19,2011

The World is noting new economic trends that are going to affect all countries of the World. These new trends include (but not limited) to (1) rising food prices which means an increase in inflation. Inflation increase results in tightening monetary policies (increasing interest rates) which in turn dampens economic growth; (2) energy prices are on the rise as the current energy resources based on hydrocarbons are dwindling. On the other hand, the World is looking for new sources of clean and environmentally friendly sources of energy. This has had a negative impact on food production; (3) the key to success in the modern World is access to information especially the use of internet and such services like twitter or facebook. The impact of this is exemplified by the recent unrest in Egypt and the eventual dismissal of the incumbent president. Therefore, it is imperative that people have access to reliable and cheaply information. How is Zambia preapred to handle these new global challenges: how safe is our country in regards to food production? Charcoal is the main source of energy. But is this sustainable? What would be the potential substitutes? Finally, access to information is based on having an educated society. How sustainable and adequate is our educational system?

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