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” Issues That Hinder Progress in Life” – Feb 12,2011

Spending time in Gods presence,i felt a need to present a show that will just answer peoples concerns and issues concerning life.In order to move forward swiftly in 2011,i beleive we need some answers to lifes most challenging questions.I am not an expert,however through the wisdom of God,i see myself shading a bright light into whatever issue or concern that you the listener out there may have,and the Holy Spirit will give you understanding. Call in and lets talk about it: Sex,Immigration issues,returning back to Zambia,Raising kids in the diaspora,Zambians who die in the diaspora and much more.I will also be sharing some emails i have received from Zambians in the diaspora with hard questions? Note: This show strives to answer in the lines of faith in Jesus Christ.So most of the responses are christian based and we use the bible as our text book.With that in mind,all faiths are still welcome on the show. I will start As a leader at all times by setting the foundation and then going on to receive your calls. Call in at 10:00 am New York time and 16:00 hours Zambian time. Call in Number is:

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