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Conversation with Ngoza on death, disability and income – Jan 15,2011

Happy New Year to all of our listeners and hope we are all keeping up with our lists of goals we would like to achieve in 2011. Apart from writing our goals, how many of us have planned for death or disability? Many of us make plans for birthdays, weddings, vacations etc, but we do not plan for personal risks such as death, disability or illness and inadequate income upon retirement. While death is 100% certain, its timing is uncertain. It depends on factors such as a persons age, gender, health and lifestyle. Statistics indicate that the probability of a male being disabled before 40 are higher than that of a female. We see it all too often: families suffering financial losses upon the breadwinner’s death; when Like death, a family facing disability or illness, the decline in the financial resources lowers the family’s lifestyle. The Bible says, A good man leaves an inheritance for his childrens children. Proverbs 13:22 Since we know that death is inevitable, how comfortable are you talking about death? Have you discussed your financial status with your family? Do you have a Will prepared? We will discuss challenges that are faced by many Zambians at home and the Diaspora in coming to terms with death, disability and lack of income. We will discuss why insurance is one of the ‘best options’ to protect your family from financial crisis as result of death or disability. In the process we will attempt to demystify some superstitions concerning insurance and Wills. Many Zambians still believe taking out insurance is a recipe for early death. What say you?

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