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BBC Click features Solar powered internet cafe in rural Zambia

The BBC Click team recently visited some ICT for development projects in rural Zambia, which included a visit to a unique village called Macha, where Computer Aid has provided PCs and wiresless routers and a visit to one of Computer Aid’s solar powered internet cafes in use in a rural village called Chikanta. The programme was broadcast over the weekend and in case you missed it you can still watch it here.

The BBC Click team first visited the village of Macha, which lies over 300km from the capital Lusaka, and 70km from the closest tarmac road. Computer Aid has been providing PCs along with wireless routers to Linknet, which is a cooperative organisation headquartered in Macha. The equipment is being used to extend access to computers to various locations in Zambia. LinkNet supports holistic rural development initiatives, with a focus on the empowerment of special interest groups such as health and education institutions.

Read the full article at the Computer Aid International site.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous July 19, 2011

    what a wonderful example of how shipping container modifications can be used to provide a real need and create new opportunities in an area. goes to show the only limits are what you can imagine.

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