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Social Networking in 2011

In the new year i believe there will be many social networks that will be born. People have always asked me how many social networks one can subscribe to and fear the trouble in updating all of them at once. I really don’t have the answer because what works for me would not work for others.

I have since come to learn about and this social network helped me to update my status at once when i was in a hotel where they had blocked facebook and twitter. has helped me in updating my gmail buzz, yahoo and Skype status.

For Africa there still many things to consider such as access to the mobile phone that has access to the internet especially a smart phone, access to the Internet and the ability to social network responsibly.

I believe that social networking should provide some positive outcome to people. It all starts with the kind of people we add to our networks. What kind of stuff do they post? How relevant are their postings? I have come to find that social networking is all about “garbage in and garbage out”.

That reminds i should edit all times wasters on my my twitter, facebook, linkedin etc as they just crowd my space.

In any case, through social networking i have found jobs, been invited to present at conferences, i have been asked to participate in campaigns, asked to train Journalists, provide new media applications services, participate in New Media Projects, educate my colleagues and participate in fellowships etc

It is amazing how the world has become a small place in the face of social networking. I have actually learned a lot from others through social networks on different topics.

I have also used social networking as a platform for dissemination of content. I have however managed to create a wonderful online network. 2010 you will be remembered for your birth to social networking for business in my life. Welcome 2011

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