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Some empirical evidence on the harm of aid on recipient countries – Jan 01,2011

As the most advanced societies of the current civilisation start to choke on their own development (Diamond, 2005), the less developed countries, especially Africa, should decide whether to fall with them or start preparing to reign in the next civilisation. One of the ties that need to be severed to prepare for the next civilisation is development aid. A Zambian scholar, Dambisa Moyo, has discussed the harm of aid on recipient countries in her 2009 publication entitled “Dead aid: why aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa”. Critics of her work think it is a good opinion on the subject but lacks empirical casual analysis. Another student of economics, Nyemba Mmembe, has just had her Masters research examined at the University of Nottingham and arrives at similar conclusions. More importantly, Nyemba’s thesis, which scored an average of 80 per cent, uses statistical tools to support the research findings, such as “…the Netherlands and the U[nited] S[tates] are found to give more aid to corrupt recipients”. Kambidima speaks to Nyemba to gain an in-depth understanding of the methods, findings, and conclusions of this first-class research report.

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