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The power of a praying woman. If you are a woman and you love God this is for you if you do not him you want to know him this Show is for you. Women go through a lot of challenges because of what happened in the beginning. The woman was deceived by the enemy since then they is been enmity .That’s why it’s very important For a woman to know who she is in the kingdom of God. If you know who you are all the hard issues that come with life will turn into victory. As a woman you need to know the power that you have through prayer.Marriage issues ,Parenting issues, Singleness issues all the challenges that women Face are conquered through prayer . Mark 5 verse21-34 talks about the woman with the issue of blood She knew who she was that’s why she got healed. The questions is ,Do you know who you are? We will look at these critical issues and help you become a Woman after God`s own heart.

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